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Employee Testimonials

Great teams are made from great people.

Why choose EisnerAmper? Here's what few of our employees have to say.

Yvette Garcia Lg 169Web

Yvette Garcia

Partner, Audit

"As the leader of the Latinx ERG, I’m proud to have a hand in providing an environment to bring people together and share with each other the various aspects of our proud Latin culture and heritage. By offering programs based on both education and…"

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Kenneth Weissenberg Lg 169Web

Kenneth Weissenberg

Partner, Tax

"The LGBTIA+ ERG, provides a safe space for members of our group to network, discuss issues that impact them, and create lasting connections. I’m proud to be a leader of the group and act as a mentor to our members. Whether or not members participate…"

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Bhatkhande Amar Banner 169Web

Amar Bhatkhande

Partner, Audit

"Our program offers opportunities to colleagues in different countries and offices in the U.S., U.K. and Israel to connect, understand, and nurture working relationships with their counterparts in India. By highlighting the diverse nature of our…"

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Lauren Thomlinson Lg 169Web

Lauren Tomilson

Partner, Audit

"EisnerAmper Cares connects our staff with charitable programs and opportunities to contribute gifts of time or skills to both local and national organizations. Everyone here has a voice and is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table to help with…"

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Richard Stepler Lg 169Web

Richard Stepler

Partner, Private Client Services

"At EisnerAmper, you get to touch more areas and see the bigger picture; you’re not restricted. Everyone is willing to help and there’s no such thing as a bad question. This approach leads to a much more effective learning experience. I’m getting the…"

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Ventura Brandon Banner 169Web

Brandon Ventura

Senior Associate, Audit

"There are a multitude of projects across various business facets that the Firm leadership has initiated. This makes work interesting, exciting and challenging because you learn and grow daily. I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders and leaders…"

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Vargas Henry Banner 169Web (1)

Henry Vargas

Manager, Bankruptcy & Restructuring

I like the size and culture. I’ve worked on wide range of clients across many industries. I also love that my personal interests were aligned with my work assignments, not to mention the travel to interesting places like Alaska. I have an alternate…

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Jyoti Kotian Lg 169Web

Jyoti Kotian

Human Resources Coordinator

"Our office has tripled in size since I joined and continues to grow. I love the fast pace and the great talent we have. The firm has a wonderful mentorship program and focuses on team success and individual growth." 

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Ruchita Shah Lg 169Web

Ruchita Shah

Senior Manager, Audit

"The partners have an open door policy, which is great for career growth. They really value work/life balance. I was also able to have a lot of flexibility after my maternity leave. It is nice to be part of a firm that appreciates its employees."

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Kate Sobieski Lg 169Web

Kate Florek -Sobieksi

Senior Manager, Tax

"I enjoy working here so much that I recommended it my sister!"

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Kelly Mattner Lg 169Web

Kelly Mattner

Senior Manager, Audit

"After nearly a decade, I still find EisnerAmper a great place to work"

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Todd Kasandra Banner 169Web

Kasandra Todd


The work-life balance and flexibility here are incredible for an accounting firm. It’s a large firm with a family-firm size culture. You’re recognized as an individual. I know the partners very well and can comfortably communicate with them. This is…

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